Russia-South Korea Seminar in Murmansk 16th of June

Mr. Sergey Balmasov was invited to speak at the Russia-South Korea Seminar: Cooperation in the Arctic Region – In Pursuit of Prosperous Eurasia. The seminar took place in Murmansk on Thursday the 16th of June, 2016. The event was a part of the wide reaching program of the South-Korea delegation in Murmansk headed by the Ambassador for Arctic Affairs, Mr. Kim Chan-woo. The main question for the discussion was the Northern Sea Route and future development of shipping on the NSR.

1st Suez Canal Global Conference

Dr. Bjørn Gunnarsson was invited to speak at the 1st Suez Canal Global Conference – Challenges & Opportunities, February 22-24, 2016, taking place at the JW Marriott Hotel in Cairo, Egypt. Dr. Gunnarsson’s presentation was in Session 6: Suez Canal Alternative Routes, and was the only presentation on the NSR during the conference. The event was attended by the head of the Suez Canal Authority and a number of ministers and international company representatives. The conference aimed to identify the challenges and opportunities facing the shipping sector in order to find solutions and support maritime transport.

“The Suez Canal is not just a waterway for the passage of ships; rather, it is an artery that has always given rise to several urban communities along its banks. It is the meeting point of civilizations and the subject of choice in case one needs to talk about history. Since its inauguration back in 1869 the Suez Canal has been playing an invaluable role in servicing world trade. It has always provided a much needed support to maritime industry through its non-stop development projects over the years. The latest Suez Canal development that was celebrated in August 2015 shall certainly have quite an impact in saving time and providing more safety for transiting vessels”.

“This conference augments the role of the Suez Canal Authority in supporting maritime transport and industry. It is an event where both local and international stakeholders and key players meet to exchange viewpoints, and thoroughly investigate the available business opportunities, potentials and relevant challenges. The conference will shed more light on the tremendous effort exerted by the Suez Canal Authority to maintain the waterway, leave alone develop it, to keep it in tune with the latest developments in the international maritime market. The Suez Canal Authority wishes you all a very productive and fruitful participation and an enjoyable stay in Egypt”.

Mr. Mohab Mamish
Chairman of the Suez Canal Authority
Conference Brochure
Conference Program
“Future Prospects of the Northern Sea Route as an International Trade Route”
Presented by Bjørn Gunnarsson

ASEM Symposium Seoul 2015

The Managing Director of CHNL was invited to give a presentation at the ASEM Symposium on Eurasia Transport and Logistics Network in Seoul, South-Korea, 9-11 September, under the theme Seamless Eurasia: Making Connections. The presentation was entitled: The Northern Sea Route’s Economic and Strategic Significance and Plan for Sustainable Usage.

Eurasia is the world's largest continent spanning 12 time zones from the west to the east. It contains 40% of the world's land mass, 70% of the world's population, and accounts for over 60% of the world's GDP. Given its substantial size and significant impact on the world, increased unity and collaboration can positively affect billions of inhabitants. Strengthening cooperation for improved transport and logistics in Eurasia will facilitate global trade through cost reductions in logistics and contribute to global economic growth through the stability of global commodity prices.


ASEM Symposium 2015 Brochure
“The Northern Sea Route’s Economic and Strategic Significance and Plan for Sustainable Usage”
Presented by Bjørn Gunnarsson
Seoul Declaration