CHNL has already built up an impressive international network of partners with leading expertise in Arctic marine transportation and logistics. This network has given CHNL a good foundation to fill the ambition to be a key mediator of knowledge of logistics in the Arctic.

In addition to institutions in Norway involved in some aspects of Arctic shipping CHNL has established cooperation with all the leading organizations in Russia with expertise in shipping, logistics and infrastructure development on the NSR. These organisations have also been the main source of information and data provided by CHNL’s Northern Sea Route Information Office (NSR IO). CHNL has also established close cooperation with some leading institutions in Asia and North-America.

Currently our main partners include the following organizations:

Norway and Finland

Tschudi Shipping Compan
Arctic Bulk
Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Norwegian-Russian Chamber of Commerce (NRCC)
Norwegian Shipowners’ Association
Det Norske Veritas -GL (DNV-GL)
High North Center for Business & Governance at the University of Nordland (UiN)
Dept. of Marine Technology of the Norwegian University of Science & Technology (NTNU)
Department of Engineering & Safety of University of Tromsø (UiT)
Barents Institute of the University of Tromsø
Aalesund University College
Norwegian Barents Secretariat
Innovation Norway
International Barents Secretariat
ENI Norge
Ocean Futures
Kongsberg Satellite Services Tromsø
Norwegian Centre of Expertise – Maritime
Aker Arctic Technology Ltd (Helsinki)
Aalto University (Helsinki)


FSUE Rosatomflot (Murmansk)
Northern Sea Route Administration (Moscow)
Non‐Commercial Partnership on the NSR Usage (Moscow)
Ice Pilot Association (Murmansk)
Sea Captain Association (Murmansk)
Central Marine Research & Design Institute (St. Petersburg)
Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute (St. Petersburg)
Murmansk State Technical University
Baltic State Technical University (St. Petersburg)
Northern Arctic Federal University (Archangelsk)
MGIMO - Moscow State Institute of International Relations


Institute of Arctic Logistics at Youngsan University (South Korea)
Korean Maritime Institute (South-Korea)
Ocean Policy Research Foundation (OPRF) (Japan)
Weathernews Inc. (Japan)

North America:

University of Alaska Fairbanks (United States)
Institute of the North in Anchorage, Alaska (United States)

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