CHNL focuses on five main activities:

  1. Operate a user-friendly and searchable database providing the best available information on non-living resources, infrastructure, shipping, and logistics in the High North. This “knowledge hub” is ARCTIS or Arctic Resources & Transportation Information System.

  2. The CHNL’s Northern Sea Route Information Office (NSR IO) in Murmansk – providing practical information on shipping and logistics along the Northeast Passage (Northern Sea Route). NSR IO works closely with our Russian partners across the border in Murmansk and Arkhangelsk, as well as in Moscow.

  3. Initiate and sponsor workshops on shipping in Arctic waters and supportive port development and other needed infrastructure in the High North. Our workshops should bring together all the relevant players or stakeholders on a particular topic/theme, and each workshop should be a forerunner for a research project/case study or a demonstration project.

  4. Coordinate projects/case studies/demonstrations where the shipping and offshore industries work closely with research and scientific institutions on finding practical solutions to various transport and logistics problems in the Arctic.

  5. Promote cooperation and networking activities on Arctic shipping and logistics with partners coming from businesses, academia and public authorities.

CHNL: Postboks 107. 9915 Kirkenes / Radhusgata 8, N-9915 KIRKENES / PH: ++47 916 29 170 / E-mail:
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