Networking & Knowledge Sharing

Over the last five years CHNL has built up an impressive international network of close partners with leading expertise in Arctic marine transportation and logistics. This network has given CHNL a good foundation to fill the ambition to be a key mediator of knowledge of logistics in the Arctic. CHNL promotes cooperation and networking activities on Arctic shipping and logistics with partners coming from businesses, academia and public authorities.

1. CHNL initiates and sponsors workshops and conferences on shipping in Arctic waters, supportive port developments and other needed infrastructure in the Arctic. Seven main events were organized by CHNL in 2010-2013 in Kirkenes, St. Petersburg, Murmansk, Helsinki, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, and Anchorage. Several events have been organized by CHNL in Kirkenes, St. Petersburg, Murmansk, Helsinki, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, and Anchorage.

2. CHNL has also given a large number of presentations at conferences/workshops in Norway and abroad sponsored and organized by others, and increasingly has been given a central role in many of these events and asked to give keynote addresses. Some of these events have included the Annual Arctic Shipping Forum in Helsinki; Annual Arctic Shipping North America Conference, St Johnís, Canada; IISSís Global Strategic Review Conference, Stockholm, Sweden; and the North Pacific Arctic Conference (NPAC) in Hawaii, USA.

3. Each year CHNL informs Norwegian and foreign delegations visiting Oslo, Kirkenes and Murmansk about CHNLís role and objectives as well as shipping and logistics on NSR and CHNLís cooperation with Russian organizations. This has included government officials and members of foreign embassies from Russia, Finland, Iceland, France, India, Japan, South-Korea, China, Canada, and the United States. CHNL has participated at High North coordinating meetings at ministerial level and also has given several presentations at Norwegian ministries and local authorities.

4. CHNLís NSR Information Office (NSR IO) has handled a large number of information requests from international commercial shipping and logistics companies since the office was establishment in 2011. NSR IO provides practical information relating to transport via the Northern Sea Route and maritime operations in Russian Arctic waters. The information provided by NSR IO is already regarded as the best available information in English on Arctic shipping.

5. CHNL has assisted many university students from both Norwegian universities and foreign universities with their theses research dealing with marine transportation in the Arctic and Norwegian-Russian maritime relations. Presentations/lectures are also given at several Norwegian and foreign universities and research institutions.

6. Another important activity for CHNL is to share information on Arctic shipping activity with the mass media and provide interviews.

In addition to institutions in Norway involved in Arctic shipping CHNL has established cooperation with all the leading organizations in Russia with expertise in shipping, logistics and infrastructure development on the NSR. These organizations have also been the main source of information and data provided by CHNLís NSR IO. Key Russian partners include: FUSE Rosatomflot in Murmansk; Northern Sea Route Administration in Moscow; Central Marine Research & Design Institute in St. Petersburg; Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute in St. Petersburg; Non‐Commercial Partnership on the NSR Usage in Moscow; and Sea Captain Association in Murmansk.

CHNL has also established close cooperation with institutions in Asia and North-America. Some of our main partners there are: The Institute of Arctic Logistics at Youngsan University in Busan (South Korea); Korean Maritime Institute in Seoul (South-Korea); Ocean Policy Research Foundation (OPRF) in Tokyo (Japan); Weathernews Inc. in Tokyo (Japan); University of Alaska Fairbanks (United States); and Institute of the North in Anchorage, Alaska (United States).

If your organization is interested in joining the CHNLís Network and participate in CHNLís various activities, please be in contact with us by sending us an introductory email at

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