Joint Research with South-Korean Partners (2014- )

The research project: “Assessing the Competitive Advantages and Risks of Using NSR vs. Suez/Cape - a Detailed NSR SWOT Analysis” was initiated and organized by CHNL as a one-year joint research project with the Institute of Arctic Logistics (Professor Sungwon Hong) at the Youngsan University in Busan, South-Korea.
 The joint project is based on two recent MOU agreements between Norway and South-Korea. The goal of the project is to provide comprehensive research and assessment of advantages and risks of using the NSR as an alternative transit route between Europe and Asia, and prepare recommendations for Norwegian shipping industry on how to best take advantage of new opportunities and benefit from using the NSR compared to more southerly routes (i.e., Suez and Cape). In order for this project to start full scale CHNL needs to match the funds already allocated by its Korean counterpart. So far such funding has been difficult to find despite applications to the Norwegian Research Council and dialogue with various ministries.

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