The NSR Information Office is owned and operated by the Centre for High North Logistics (CHNL). The office was established as a joint initiative in June 2011 between CHNL and Rosatomflot, with additional financial support coming from Norwegian Barents Secretariat. Main office is located in Kirkenes, Northern Norway with additional office in Murmansk, Russia.
Our objective is to provide businesses and international organizations with relevant and practical information in English for planning and arranging transit voyages on the Northern Sea Route (NSR). Most of our information is collected from various Russian sources, including the new NSR Administration in Moscow.
NSR Information Office's website, www.arctic-lio.com, was launched at the 8th Annual Arctic Shipping Forum in Helsinki, Finland, April 25th, 2012, in front of 300 experts on Arctic shipping and logistics. We believe it is important to have reliable information in English available for a wide range of potentional NSR users.
We hope that the information presented on our webpages will be useful. If you have any questions or comments please don’t hesitate to contact us. 
Mr. Sergey Balmasov
Head of the NSR Information Office
Centre for High North Logistics (CHNL)
Murmansk, Russia Mobile: +7 911 310 9069
Email: sergey@chnl.no

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